Saturday, November 23, 2013

50 Years of Who

50 Years of Who

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. In honor of the very special Day of the Doctor episode, here's this little set up that will make all you who enjoyed Paul McGann's Doctor Who for the entire one on screen Fox/BBC episode. Oh yeah, as well as those tons of audio adventures.

In any event, enjoy the shit out of this, man.

Now everyone is wanting more 8th Doctor's adventures. Which would and very well could make sense. I know I would watch it. It has to be a lot better than Paul's first and only television adventure. In it the 8th Doctor shows up on the mean streets of.... I want to say Oakland or Berkley, and gets shot walking out of the Tardis. But that's not what kills him. Nope, it's stupid medical malpractice that does him in.

Really, the lamest way a Doctor could possibly ever die.

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