Thursday, November 7, 2013

Forced To Be A Weekend Warrior, Brah

Forced To Be A Weekend Warrior, Brah

It looks like the days are done for where a USC'er could be a USC'er. As the campus has just banned weekday fraternity parties after repeated hospitalization for alcohol-related problems.

Just recently eight people were sent to a local hospital from Thursday to Sunday. Clearly they don't have the chops to party with the true party animals, you hear, brah. Seven of the eight were USC students and one was a female student from Loyola. See what happens when you try to step up and break that beer pong record? You get served.

It looks like Sigma Alpha Epsilon is the real life Animal House. They've been slammed with double secret probation. Or in other words, they've been suspended pending an investigation. I didn't go to a school with the whole Greek life, so I don't think I ever really understood it, but you sort of have to register your parties to the Greek Organization for approval by the university administrators and LA Fire department.

I dunno, seems pretty preppy to me. But do I think this will do anything for this situation of very hardcore drinking? Oh come on now..Did Animal House teach you nothing?

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