Monday, November 4, 2013

The State of New York Vs. Banksy

The State of New York Vs. Banksy

After a month of chilling in New York, Banksy's residency there has come to an end. But it doesn't end without some really amazing pieces being put up, a bunch of fucking New Yorker's going buck wild in showing how fucked up the Art world really is and a lot of social commentary and wacky hijinks

The bunch of it can be see at Banksy' website.But then you could just read a couple that I highlight riiiiiight now.

It was really interesting to read that he set up a street vendor in central park to just sell his work for pretty much peanuts compared to what it sells in an art auction house.

It's like hitting the lotto, and all that dude wanted was some art to hang on his wall. Go figure.

This next piece is one that I just love so much. Maybe because I do like the use of puppets whenever possible.

The audio guide for it is also hilarious in that the only creatures treated worse than livestock about to become food is... puppeteers.

There was a group of thugs blocking off one piece from being seen and charging $20 per person to view it or take pictures of it in this piece

Which, I'd like to think of as a pretty good social commentary about how the art world does hide their works behind buildings that many will never get past. A social and economic divide that many don't have access to museums because of the cost of admission alone. So hey, turnaround is fair play, right?

There's this little video piece that was produced, which was interesting in its own right;

Over all, it seemed like a good time for Banksy in New York. Perhaps he'll show up in L.A. and give us all some love... before it's stripped off the wall and sent to an art auction house. Boys got to get themselves some cheddar, you hear?

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