Thursday, November 21, 2013

Round Abouts Vs. Four Ways

Roundabouts Vs. Four Ways

While us American's aren't as used to them, I have constantly said that roundabouts are far more efficient than four way stops. I know what you're thinking, that's strange. As most of the times that you get to a roundabout, you're confused as all fuck about what to do. But those foreigners know a thing or two about them and here's mythbusters doing the dirty work for you

It's pretty clear as to why, the lack of stopping at all helps keep the flow of traffic moving. I don't know about how you drive, but I have known plenty of drivers who, when make the four way stop, take far too long to get going once again afterwards. It does take away momentum from the car. Imagine all the gas you're pissing away as well by doing the stop and go.

In any case, this just shows that we need far more roundabouts, but more than anything, we need drivers to get more use to them.

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