Sunday, November 10, 2013

Apparently Even Bostonians Hate People From Boston

Apparently Even Bostonians Hate People From Boston

I'll gladly state it. I hate Bostonians. I hate them a lot. They're a bunch of fucking savages who talk shit about everyone else, but the moment they get a bombing in their marathon, they become... nay, they already were, but their true colors come out in how much of a piece of shit they all are.

Just look at these fine upstanding Bostons fighting one another during the Red Sox championship parade

Fucking disgusting excuse for human garbage. And it's not even that it's an isolated case. Bostonian's are the first to ask you where you're from and what race you are. They're fucking racist and it's all about status to them. Even if their fucking team sucked donkey dick for decades previous to the last one.

It's the picture of true white trash east coasters. For all that it matters to me, both Boston and New York deserve one another in how both are the lowest of the lows to me.

Fuck them.  #Bostonsucks #Bostonweak #Whatahyah #Fackingchwist #BwasthonSucks

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NYB said...

I love this. I hate them, too.