Saturday, November 16, 2013

Lily Allen Straight Up Smacks You With The Patriarchy

Lily Allen Straight Up Smacks You With The Patriarchy

Enjoy this little melody by Lily Allen

I'm a little concerned by the irony that most will enjoy fetishlizing those backup dancers. I mean, is it really okay to objectify them simply because Lily Allen is making a feminist point. Though perhaps that's the whole point in the over simplified issue.

But the fact is that this is a good satire. It works on the levels that she wanted to highlight and show how fucked up our pop music media scene is.Jewel tried to do this way back when with this little video, that... well, to be honest, I enjoyed far more than I'm comfortable to admit to. But I'll say it proud and loud that I enjoyed Jewel's other music.

Now looking at that video again, I feel like I should apologize as I'm clearly the problem here. Damn you for being so gorgeous, Jewel! As for Lily Allen, you're cute and you know how to knock it out with those vocals. Keep on keeping on, girl.

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