Friday, December 21, 2012

I Wish The Mayans Were Right

I Wish The Mayans Were Right

I mean, who doesn't want the world to end? Especially when you have news stories and legislation currently getting fast tracked to allow teachers in school to be allowed to carry weapons -
Monday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) said that teachers with licenses to carry concealed handguns should have "access to weapons in their school."
Tuesday, Huffington Post counted "at least six states" where lawmakers "have outlined plans to introduce legislation in 2013 to allow teachers to carry guns into schools or require several teachers to be armed in school buildings." Those states: Florida, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota and Tennessee.
Today, there's word from WMBF in South Carolina that a legislator there "has prefiled a bill to allow teachers to carry guns in schools."
Yeah, that's exactly what we need, a poorly paid, terribly treated by society and full of pressure by little Timmy's parent's to get him to learn with the ability to carry a weapon. Surely this person will not eventually snap and go postal - I guess it'll then be changed to going Teacher.

Oh yeah, I dare you to try to bust up their unions and take away their health benefits after you give them the legal right to carry a gun into school. Not to mention that where the hell will the teacher put the weapon? I know when I was young I would always get into my teachers desk to get my confiscated toys.

Surely this will end well....

 In any event, so what are we doing for this end of the world? Well, it seems like we're blaming the Mayans for being wrong. Which is very odd because the Mayans NEVER SAID that the world was ending. The calendar just ended. We defined meaning to all this and proclaimed it was the end of times. Not sure why we should even blame the Mayans anyway. They don't even believe in that end of the world stuff.

If anything, you should blame the Spanish for coming in and conquering. That's why the calendar production assembly line sort of, you know... stopped. So what's the first thing people want to do? Well besides act as if the zombie times are coming? Well, I guess act like the end of time is here.

4chan and reddit blew up with this stupid idea.

I dunno, it just seems kind of mean spirited given how many mentally unstable people commit suicide or kill their kids over these end of the world sort of things. I'm sure there's some doomsday prepper who bugged out last night and is in his hidden sanctuary eating MRI's.

Besides that, there's no chance of this actually working anyway. I wish it did, cause nothing would be a better way to top off 2012 than to mark the end of 4chan's lulz culture.

Welp, maybe next randomly picked end of days predicted day, I suppose. 

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