Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Scotch on the Rocks

Scotch on the Rocks

With the Holidays in full throttle, I guess it's time to show you how you should be drinking your scotch at all those holiday get togethers. Let this man show you how you do a thing or two...

Now you're probably wondering if this dude is for reals. I mean, he does that same "throw it on the floor" thing in every single video he has... So it leaves folks wondering if he's hamming it up or if he's entirely serious about all this shit. One thing to know for certain is that the advice he's giving seems real enough. 

For those of you who think it's a joke video, let me tell you - it's not a joke. It's Richard "the nose" Paterson and one of the top blenders in the industry. He's more of a PR man now because of his extroverted demeanor and antics, he blends whiskey that goes for 160 grand a bottle. He may be eccentric, but he's definitely not joking when it comes to whiskey.

On to a different topic - Rye whiskey and how it's different than malt whiskey. 

Rye's more easily compared to bourbon than malt whiskey, just since the process is overall the same other than the base grain mixture. Like, a bourbon you've got the aging in new charred oak so there's the caramel and vanilla from the wood, but rye is drier and spicier compared to the sweeter corn that dominates in bourbon.

Rye and Malt whiskey are only both known as whiskey by an accident of linguistics. The difference between at least 51% rye mashbill distilled to 160 proof aged in never-before-used charred white oak barrels for 3 years or more in some barrel, maybe bourbon, maybe sherry cask, is substantial. Rye and malt whiskey are only passingly similar.

So there you go. Now you're better equipped to deal with the Holiday season.

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