Monday, December 3, 2012

Puerto Rico! #51

Puerto Rico! #51

While we were all busy thinking about how Romney was going to fuck us over for 4 years and then excited that Obama won it all, we sort of overlooked another bit of info in the elections that does effect the 50 states - Puerto Rico.

It seems that they voted in favor of changing their relationship with the U.S. They are pushing for state-hood and it's one step closer now. And oh man. If Puerto Rico does become a state, there's going to be so many racist who don't recognize it. Like.. they'll never recognize it. And you wonder why. I mean, it's such a lovely place...

Then again, Puerto Rice will probably never be a state. The republicans have pretty much already all but publicly stated that they aren't going to allow 2 more senators and however many new house members in. Especially who will more likely be to the left of them. So no way they're joining congress. Not to mention the electoral votes that come with it. But it's a nice thought, and all. Especially since we'd have to come up with a new design for our flag. How about something like...

Yeah. it's only fitting that the flag wouldn't change and we aren't getting a 51 state any time soon.

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