Sunday, December 23, 2012

TIME Person of the Year - Oh For Fucks Sake

TIME Person of the Year - Oh For Fucks Sake

You know, TIME Magazine, I sort of gave up on you a couple of years back when you sadly named YOU(tube) the Person of the year. Yeah, sure. That little reflective mirror thing on the cover, as to make sure that anyone who was looking at the cover felt that they themselves were person of the year for contributing jack of all shit to Youtube. But it was a god damn lame duck cop out of a call.

Well, that's what I thought, but after you just released who's TIME's person of the year this year, I take it back - This one's the lame fuck around.

Why yes, let's nominate Nobel Peace Prize and multiple Grammy award winner, Time Magazine's Extra Special Person of the Year, President Barack "Unmanned Drones are the shit, yo" Obama.

Bet you didn't know that Obama won a fucking Grammy, now did you?

You just thought that it was facetiousness on my part based on his growing collection of liberal "wonderful personhood" awards that seem to be thrown at him left and right. But nope, it's actually real. He's a multiple Grammy award-winner Barack Obama. IN DA HOUSE. He got it for the spoken word version of Dreams from my father.

You have to wonder what the running time on that is. I mean, can anyone work out how many people died in Afghanistan in the time it takes him to read the entire book? I'm pretty sure it will be a large number. I can't imagine how many are from Drone attacks. You know, that highly against the rules of war/war crime worthy task of using unmanned drones... the ones that the Military had to ESPN to help analyze the vast amount of footage they were getting in.
JOINT BASE LANGLEY-EUSTIS, Va. – Can SportsCenter teach the military something about combating terrorists?
After rapidly expanding the number of drones around the world, the Air Force is now reaching out to ESPN and other experts in video analysis to keep up with the flood of footage the unmanned aircraft are transmitting.
"They're looking at anything and everything they can right now," said Air Force Col. Mike Shortsleeve, commander of a unit here that monitors drone videos.
The remote-controlled aircraft are mounted with cameras that transmit real-time video of terrorism suspects to military analysts in the USA.

Anyhow, on a side note, this is Obama's second person of the year win. The last one came in 2008 when he won the election. So having him win it again during his re-election is just really lazy. Though, truth be told, picking the American President as the biggest news maker of the year is such a softball choice. Especially the case when you already picked him last time around.

I wont even get to the crimes against humanity he has done - and I'm an Obama supporter. Amazing that I can talk like this. But seriously, shame on you, TIME magazine. Shame indeed.

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