Friday, July 26, 2013

A Comic Con Video Wrap up - of Gravity and Spunky Detectives

A Comic Con Video Wrap up - of Gravity and Spunky Detectives 

The entire Gravity Falls panel, one that had a line going out the door, a couple of turns and then outside of the con, finally showed up online. And it's well worth checking out. For nothing more than an original scripted table reading of the Pines going to Comic Con

Bonus points is that it was moderated by Matt Chapman, internet famous Home Star Runner and Strong Bad.

Up next is a simple one. A Veronica Mars little sum up of the film with a bit of a preview;

Sure, it's no news like what Marvel was dropping. And it certainly wasn't that big whole "Batman will be in the next Superman film" bullshit. But then again, I dislike the movie version of both Batman and Superman so badly that I don't give a fuck about any of that shit anyway.

What makes comic con comic con, is these relatively smaller panels and news pieces that make their way through the circuit.

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