Wednesday, July 17, 2013

You Know, Magento Was Right

You Know, Magento Was Right

When you think about it, and as we approach the release of Wolverine 2, Electric Slice-a-roo, you have to realize that the X-men is a really horrible franchise.

Like, really. Your main hero leader owns a child army and even though Wolverine is some sort of loner wolf type of character, he always has people around him... and yet he manages to be some really awful serial killer. You have Cyclops who is a complete dick to his own people and loves a red head who constantly comes back from the dead and goes batshit insane, burning everything.

What do these people do? They actively spend their time demonizing a holocaust survivor who's actively trying to stop his people from getting rounded up by fascists and others who hate them because they fear their special abilities.

In fact, just about everything that Magneto predicts at any time in what the regular homo sapiens will do has consistently happened to a disturbingly accurate prediction. I'm surprised he doesn't keep telling them "I told you so".

I get what they're trying to do. Prove humanity is wrong about them by turning the other cheek when they get slapped and labeled monsters against society. But that doesn't change the fact that they're constantly protecting those who actively want to see them dead and have taken steps to make sure that all mutants are registered, tagged and accounted for simply because one mutant accidentally blew up near a school.

So yeah...


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