Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hope You're Not Afraid of Clowns

Hope You're Not Afraid of Clowns

Florida is a freaky enough place as is. I lived there for a short stint and, well, in an effort to lose some weight back then, I kept going on hikes. Being that America's wang is entirely swamp like, this meant you had to go through a lot of swampy and creepy ass places to get out there.The sounds you hear are pretty freaky in their own right. It's nature and you don't know if someone is following you when you hear that twig snap or if it's just a gator that will eat you.

So with that said, this is certainly not what you want to run into when you're out in the Florida swamp lands away from civilization... more so than when you're actually in civilization in Florida.

Some Park Ranger in Aventura Florida on a Oleta River hiking trail decided to make hikers shit their pants a couple of weeks back as he thought it would be funny to set up a life size clown costume in the bike trail and make you fucking crap your pants.  Yes, you would probably need a lot of years of therapy to get over that shit.

To you, Park Ranger, I salute your crazy ass skills of scaring the shit out of people.

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