Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fuck it, Let's do a Justice League in the Future again

Fuck it, Let's do a Justice League in the Future again

That's probably what they say every few months over at DC HQ. I mean, the idea is a can't lose. You whore out your franchise staples in a way that isn't fucking over the current time line - though they don't mind bending over and giving it a thrust to two to your fan favorites as it is, but it also generates a shit ton of cash. So of course you'll see future versions of Superman and Batman pop up. It's no different with this new DC cashing in on legacy characters with Justice League 3000

 I'm just not sure about these designs. In any case,  Keith Giffen, JM DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire will be writing and drawing these books. Which is pretty hopeful that they may turn out okay given the nice writing staff on it. But there's just something off about the costumes here.

 Interesting that Superman, in the 3000's is still rocking out to some Morrissey. What an emo little bitch. The minimalist in the symbol is alright, but still, something off. 
 I'm not even sure what the hell is wrong with  Wonder Woman. She's just like, all frazzled or something.
 You would think that there was a Flash Museum or something that he could take some page away from in creating his costume. But hey, Flash is Flash and I won't be all that surprised when it's revealed that this is Bart or something like that.
 Please don't let it be that terrorist... please don't let it be that terrorist. please don't let it be that terrorist.

I still don't get why they always have to do future batman to be so... well, so color schemed. More than anything, you would think that a couple thousand years into the future would lead to a slight variation on the superheroes we get in the justice league and not the same ol' cookie cutter versions we have grown tired of seeing over and over again.

Does anyone else find it weird that you go a thousand years into the future... And the Justice League is composed of the exact same group of super heroes? Some I understand as the powers are "passed on" (like Green Lantern and Batman, to a degree) and I suppose Superman doesn't "die" so it's probably the same Superman from "our" time. But Wonder Woman and Flash? WW's immortality is a bit debatable but what are the odds of two new super heroes with their taste in fashion and power taking up the mantle? I mean I guess it plays off of the "following in the foot steps" but it's always just dumb to me. I feel like you'd have other super heroes with other powers, which I guess they'll probably introduce then kill off cause people only wanna see the big name superheroes

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