Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sum Ting Wong with the News

Sum Ting Wong with the News

Sum Ting was definitely wrong with this news caster last week in the breaking news about the Korean plane crash in San Fransisco;

I couldn't stop laughing at that. Especially having worked in a news room for a brief period, it doesn't surprise me that the on air talent has no fucking clue what they are reading and at best they're trained monkeys when it comes to the news.

But hey, I guess they did issue an apology when they figured what the fuck out.

Then I come across this little news plug

Can you really be that proud of your coverage of this event when you clearly had the on air talent just fall for the biggest racial joke that has graced pranks on television? Why not also advertise that you were the first to interview Captain Sum Ting Wong

This is the major problem with the news today. Everyone is so gun ho in trying to get the scoop and being first to report it that they're trusting places like twitter to get their sources and never bother to verify before they announce it.

All the news outlets seem to be doing more and more goofs like this lately and it's a pretty clear reason as to why the news is so much shit and filler these days. But hey, at least we got some racial laughs out of this one. 

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