Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Girls Just Want To have Fun - Guys Actually Do

Girls Just Want To have Fun - Guys Actually Do 

Cindy Lauper famously sang this song about Girls simply wanting to have one heck of a good time.

I mean, it was too good not to post the video for. And much like the song said "we're not the fortunate ones", indeed they aren't. You see, the Pew Research center discovered that in fact, Girls just WANT to have fun, while GUYS, well. We actually have all the fun. Specifically an extra five hours a week worth of it.

According to a Pew Research, men spend an additional five hours a week watching television, exercising and doing other activities geared toward relaxation and recreation. And while the gender gap among working parents was slightly smaller, it did show that working fathers have an average of three more hours of leisure time than working mothers each week.

Which begs the question, how do we find the time to relax and not drive ourselves crazy with chores and what not? I think perhaps it's a lack of giving one fuck about things. It seems that is the case here. As Pew's notes point out;
Fathers and mothers seem to experience their free time differently. Mothers’ free time is often interrupted, which may make it hard for them to relax (Bianchi, et al. 2006; Mattingly & Bianchi 2003). Moreover, mothers tend to spend more time than fathers in multitasking; the additional hours spent on multitasking are mainly related to time spent on housework and child care (Offer & Schneider 2011).
So perhaps if you're seeking the gender equality, one step you can take towards that is to simply stop and smell the roses a little more. Watch that bridal make over show an extra hour instead of dusting the shelves.

Okay, this seems odd. I mean, I'm suggesting NOT keeping up the place. A sort of race to the bottom, if you will. Perhaps this is the ying and yang that the genders just need. I mean, what right would you have to nag if you weren't doing all the work and us men weren't the ones sitting on our ass watching the game on the television after all?

So hey, carry on. Just know that girls might want to have fun - but it's us guys that are doing so.

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