Monday, July 1, 2013

Release The Video, TMZ! An Upton Update

Release The Video, TMZ! An Upton Update 

Kate Upton, for whatever reason that one could possibly have, recently did a photo shoot that required her to get topless on top of a horse and take a couple of pictures. TMZ, in their never ending quest to capture and pay for just about anything that could remotely be considered sensationalistic news, got a hold of this footage and put it on their youtube network. Enjoy

Now, let me be the first to say that this is an outrage! THIS IS SHOCKING! How dare TMZ put little stars on her nipple. We're in America, my good friends. We don't believe in censorship... unless it's banned books or on television or, you know, a lot of things.

But as a nation we demand that our Kate Upton nudity shots stay nude! None of this pussy footing around with silly little stars on nipples. What are we, basic network television?! No sir, I will not have this. Not when Ms. Kate Upton almost died in Antarctica so that teenage boys could jerk off!  No, TMZ. we the people demand to be able to view Kate Upton's breast as they were meant to be seen. free flowing on top of a horse for some... reason.

Till then, it's just some Cat Daddy for you;

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