Saturday, August 3, 2013

Drinking Friends, Craft Beer and Craft Beards

Drinking Friends, Craft Beer and Craft Beards

So a new drinking movie that centers around the world of Craft beer is coming out and as if that wasn't great news in itself, it has Olivia Wilde in it. Instantly I'm going to watch this. But hey, here's this trailer if you need to have the hard sale on it;

At first this looks like a film that will do to craft beer and microbreweries what Sideways did to wine. Or at the very least what Sideways did to Merlots. Oh the poor, poor Merlots.

Second off, no fucking fair. I call shenanigans. There's no way that Jake Johnson could have that many amazing looking hollywood hook ups. He has Zooey Dschanel on New Girl and even with a fucking Craft Beard he gets not only Anna Kendrick AND Olivia Wilde? The dude won some sort of lottery. That's the only way that all of this could be explained away without citing some sort of pack with the devil that he made.

How else can you explain one man getting both of these;

Jake, let me tell you, you have one hell of an agent. That man deserves a bonus come Chanukah. Anyhow, when does this movie come out? You ask, preparing to get a nice couple of cold ones ready in the fridge? Good question.

This gets an iTunes and On demand release of July 25 and theater release of August 23. Welp, I don't know what the person who decided that was drinking, but they were clearly spending too much time chugging back beers at the Chicago breweries that this film was shot around.

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