Sunday, August 25, 2013

True Blooding It About a the End of the Season

True Blooding It About a the End of the Season

This most recent season of True Blood just ended and I have to say, what the fuck was that? There was that episode devoted to flash backs of Terry and Arline. And you know what, I have to say that looking at the show through their experiences, this is one of the most fucked up shows around for these characters.

Arline has always run the bar so her buying it with the insurance money is the sick payoff. If you watch the show from Arline and Terry's perspective it is the most tragic story of the entire show.

Terry started working at the bar as a cook and was "trained" by Lafayette who shortly left him to run it on his own while he chased voodoo spirits or something. Between the stress of the position and the PTSD it was too much he was constantly on edge and to the limit.

Arline worked as the most senior waitress in the bar with TERRIBLE co-workers. There is really no other way to describe them. Tara thinks she is racist just for existing as a white woman and Sookie randomly skips her shifts without calling in. The owner/"manager" is NEVER around and when he is it is to do something super creepy like run around naked or murder his family members and bury the bodies. On top of all this her husband is a serial killer, she has to watch her kids, and some demon baby doll sub-plot.

This pretty much leaves Terry and Arline to run the bar alone with other "co-workers" occasionally stopping by to insult the work they are doing and steal alcohol. On top of everything they are already dealing with in their personal lives tons of shit goes down with demons and vampire wars like 40% of it happens at the bar. Who do you think has to clean up all the demon guts and orgy leavings? That's right Terry and Arline.

The owner spent half of last season as a fly how much managing can you do as a fly? Not to mention that Sam being the Mayor seems out of character for a guy who just wants to keep to himself and presumably has a partner who's about to give birth. Fuck Sam, the Fly-Mayor of Bon Temps.

Besides this whole fucked up situation with the bar, the whole season was a waste land and really weird because it took away the narrative agency of nearly every major character and just jammed them into some locked down room with nothing to do for half the season besides wear bad prison jump suits and wait to be saved by someone outside. 

Then you have the season ender which felt like the writers just gave up half way through writing it. Oh yeah, we need to do something with Warlow. Oh, fuck it. Let Jason kill him or something. What about Eric? Um.... sure, he gets burned while sunbathing for no reason and out of fucking left field.

In short, this is summer filler for a reason. You don't want to consider this anything more than a fluff show at best. 

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