Friday, August 2, 2013

Man am I Tired of hearing about Boston

I'm Sick of Hearing about Boston

Here we are months after the tragic incident where two insane brothers decided to use shit you could buy at a bed bath and beyond and blow up the finish line of a marathon. This is a tragedy, don't get me wrong. But the fact that only 48 hours after that incident half of the town of West, Texas was leveled in a literal shit explosion. I mean that. Look at this;

The explosion was caused from a fertilizer plant blowing up, and ended up killing 15. Five times more than what Boston suffered in deaths through the bombings. And yet the explosion in West, Texas. got less attention. You can say that the explosion in Boston was man made and caused by 'terrorism', but then again, the explosion in West, Texas was caused by the failure of regulations and inspections.

This doesn't include the estimated two hundred men, women and children injured with broken bones, burns, wounds and head trauma. There were 75 homes damaged beyond repair as well as 50-unit apartment complexes reduced to sticks and stones. This means, more than a hundred families were homeless because of this. And yet there wasn't any reports or news coverage on how many were children under five years old who do not have the safety and security of their home and family because of poor inspections. 

Perhaps that's why we didn't pay attention to it in the media. We didn't want to look at our ugly selves in the mirror as the cause of a tragedy that leveled a good portion of a small town. But we poured all this attention to Boston. And let me just say that Bostonians came out of this incident looking like the biggest fucking babies in what is a dictionary perfect picture of First World Problems.  

A couple of weeks back Rolling Stones got a lot of shit because their latest issue would feature the surviving bomber on the cover. People were going to protest and boycott the issue because it was suggested it would glorify the dude. Well, I'm laughing my ass off right now since the sales numbers came in and all this whiny about being insensitive and that it was going to be boycotted worked in the complete opposite
So much for a boycott. Sales doubled for Rolling Stone's controversial July issue featuring Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the alleged Boston bomber. 
The issue sold 13,332 copies since July 19 at 1,420 retail stores -- nearly double the magazine's 52-week average of 6,541, according to MagNet, a magazine sales tracker. 
July's cover featured a self-portrait of Tsarnaev with the headline: "The Bomber: How a Popular, Promising Student Was Failed by His Family, Fell Into Radical Islam and Became a Monster."
Rolling Stone quickly came under fire by critics, who included Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, who said the cover glamorized a man accused of setting off two pressure-cooker bombs in April that killed three and injured more than 260 others at the Boston Marathon.
Great job at the boycott, fellas. The only thing to come out of this was showing that Bostonians were a bunch of fucking babies. Want more proof? Hey, remember when the Toronto Maple Leaf's held up the sign "Toronto Stronger"?

A fan at Air Canada Centre on Monday night made himself the center of attention on social media when he arrived to cheer on the Toronto Maple Leafs carrying an offensive sign mocking the "Boston Strong" slogan that has become prevalent since the deadly bombings at the Boston Marathon.
The Toronto Maple Leafs fan came out to cheer on his team in Game 3 of their playoff Boston Bruins with a sign displaying that phrase "Toronto Stronger."

Amidst the outrage, one Bruins fan shared an image of his own on social media to show how he felt about the sign.

You mad, bro?

I have been to Boston and to be honest, if there was ever a place that deserved a tragedy, it's there. Talk about the most racially insensitive shit hole filled with bigots who constantly give a shit about what you are. Instead of hello you're asked 'What-are-you?'  'You-polish?' 'You-Mex-i-can?' It's filled with people who give a shit more about what you are and where you are from than anything else. It's fucking insane to think that they are altogether or 'as one'. They just rally around stupid Boston Strong t-shirts.

The only place less welcoming than Boston is New York. And what is funny is that there's even a rivalry between the two places. Honestly speaking, both of those places are the exact same thing. They fucking deserve each other. Both are filled with the most uncultured masses who believe they are in the center of modern day Rome. That all roads lead to and from there.Every time I have met someone who was from New York, I can rest assure that within 30 seconds, that fucker is going to tell me that they are from New York. As if it means anything to anyone. Especially here in L.A., a place that is a melting pot and filled with transplant. 

Hint, we don't give a shit.
Every time I turned on NPR the last few weeks, it constantly had something dealing with Boston. Be it the surviving bomber going into court and some stupid story about how some one who couldn't get to Dunkin' Donuts that day that the city was locked down felt that he needed to go down to the court and stare him down.

I just gave up on it after a while. Especially when I was waiting for news on the Trayvon Martin verdict and it was just filled with news about the Boston bombing how many months past the incident? I could barely find any stories about West Texas then. Fuck if you hear anything about the recovery of it now. But shit, you'll sure hear about how some Bostonian is still suffering from fear - which is odd since to suffer from this tragedy you would have potentially had to run a marathon. I'm not sure all those Sam Adam chuggin' Baked Bean consuming folks would have ever been apart of.

It's not that I'm losing interest in human's lives and the suffering of other people. Because again, the Boston Marathon was a tragedy. But it's not one that should overshadow others and just because it was in Boston doesn't mean that it is more important than others. So much so that it dwarfs the coverage then of situations like West, Texas fertilizer explosion. Most of all of the racial injustice done in Florida.The Boston Bombing had a billion hits on Google News while the Texas explosion got a bit over a hundred thousand hits. Thanks to the media coverage of one and not the other.

Though this shouldn't come as a surprise. How many people die at the hands of the American drone program every day compared to those that die here on U.S. soil from 'the enemy'.  But hey, Boston, keep on being such a butt hurt little bitch.

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