Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Gaucing Truth About the Small Avocados This Season

The Gaucing Truth About the Small Avocados This Season

The avocados this season so far have been pretty small. I mean, really small. Not that it's a bad thing. I generally can't plow through a big avocado in one dish and it usually goes bad or starts to look not so fresh when its been sitting in my fridge. Which is why I typically just make smashed avocado - a sort of guac like texture and put it into an air tight container.

But you probably have been noticing that they've been looking mighty small this season and it's because while they usually weighed half a pound or more, this summer the trees in Southern California are cranking out lemon sized ones due to an unusual growing year that consisted of low winter rainfall in 2012, when they were originally developing from little avocado buds.

The flip side to all this and the more important factor here to take away from it is that smaller avocados means more fruit on the trees. So in the long run, while it may suck for you if you're buying the avocados by the singles, it's good for the farmers because the annual harvest will probably end up weighing in at more than the usual amount.

Then again, you could always take a drive up to Santa Barbara and stop by that one little avocado spot on the way there. Get yourself a solid 10 lemon sized ones for a buck. Best deal around. Also best drive around. 

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