Friday, August 30, 2013

Shhh, A Super Secret Spy Rocket Went Into Space

Shhh, A Super Secret Spy Rocket Went Into Space

On Wednesday in the land right above Santa Barbara a super secret launching of a rocket happened. It looked a little something like this;

It's like that moment in Contact when Jake Busey blows up the trillion dollar mile high space machine and then we all learn that there's another identical trillion dollar space machine on the other side of the world. Only in this case it's a space launching system that we only thought was in Florida and surprise surprise, we have one in California.

This place really is big if we could hide something like that from the masses in this big chunk of land. Though I'm pretty sure that the whole "trillion" aspect of it is probably dead on in the cost. And we all paid for it.

But yes, this super secret, please don't tell anyone, why did we give out a press release for this launching rocket was blasted off into space carrying a secret payload of a spy satellite. Because if there was one thing that America is short on, it's intruding on private matters.

It's a little odd that they did this with a sort of hidden action, yet did have it get pressed around. Which I guess was going to happen when you launch something like the biggest rocket into the sky in wine country. Not all the people will fall for the "I must have drank too much of my own vineyard" excuse.

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