Tuesday, March 19, 2019



I'm about to talk about this latest scandal that hit this week where two celebrities and a slew of other rich mother fuckers did something that shouldn't come to a surprise to anyone. They threw money at a problem they had to fix it. The problem they had is that their children were too stupid to get good scores and into the college of their choice on their own merits and so mommy and daddy became a helicopter parenting situation and just handled it for them.

This should not come to a surprise to anyone. Folks have been paying to get favors for their children for a long time. It just means that right now you can go "See, this is unfair and that's why I didn't get into the college of my choice!" to which I say, shut the fuck up. You didn't get into the college of your choice because your high expectations of what college is actually for is dumb anyway.

Life is unfair. That's the reality. Those who have social and economic foot above yourself will always get what they want because that is what it is. Life being unfair. It's also not even the issue here. Because folks are using examples of donating millions to the university to get a new building put in for the favor of getting their relatives or offspring into the school - that is not the case here.

This is a bit different in that they committed fraud to do so. By making fake ID's with sports on their record as well as literally helping them with the right answers on SAT questions, the people they were bribing was for low values and the bigger issue, the one that they are going after them for here is because that money they used to pay off these scams was being written off of their taxes. Which, let's just say that Al Capone went to jail not because of his acts as a bootlegger, but because he avoided paying taxes. You can cheat the system all you want, but when you don't give Uncle Sam his proper payment, you are going to get fucked.

Let's touch on another thing. Those fake ID's that showed those kids as sports participants, come on, like your asses didn't lie all the way to the top in terms of your college letters and recommendations. People lie all the fucking time and it's just not fair for the next guy who isn't putting their finger on the scale in terms of being this perfect acceptance recipient to this college.

The bigger issue here, and the one I think folks are missing out of all of it is that you got to realize that you are putting these colleges up on a pedestal in all the wrong ways. Stop acting like going to USC or UCLA is the best of the whole aspects. As we learned in this economic standing it's a worthless paper if you go to that college and you don't know or have a clear focus on what the fuck you actually want to be in life and do with your career. You'll just be pissing away a lot of time and money trying to find something you will give a damn for.

We shouldn't be focus on getting into a good school more than we should give kids the ability to fuck around a bit and especially, I feel, not have them make hundred thousand dollar debt choices when they can't even fucking buy alcohol or rent a car. How the hell do you think they will know what they want. Community college isn't a terrible fucking thing, you know. You're putting too much worth on the school's name on that degree than you are actually doing something in finding what your passion is for without going into a lot of student loan debt.

Most of all, life is not fair. Remember that. Just embrace that suck and you'll be a little more at ease on the whole thing and not be so bitter that some rich fuckers did what they were going to do from the get go. Buy their way into the means that they feel they want to be in a social setting.

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