Friday, March 22, 2019



With the sudden influx of rain that hit the Southern California area over the past few months, something strange happened that has gotten people to really care about going out and taking in nature, despite it's constant warning signs that you should do no such thing in the form of allergies and pollen telling you to get the fuck away like some rattlesnake's rattle.

We now have a super bloom of vegetation. Which, in general the last time this happened social media wasn't as prevalent as it is today with so many goddamn influencesrs and models. So we had a really cool thing that folks who enjoyed nature went out to view.

But this is why we can't have nice things. With the ever growing lust to get that perfect instagram photo that will get you so many likes and attention that you will fill the void in yourself from actually socializing and having to, you know, actually have some sort of personality to be liked, all these folks rushed out to those fields and destroyed them to the point that, well, a lot of the areas are just closing down access to the very simple thing of nature.

;Let that sink in. Nature is closed to the public because you simply didn't know how to behave yourself. Now you should be ashamed of yourself but it's true and it's fucking sad beyond all measure.

"No additional shuttles or visitors will be allowed into Walker Canyon. This weekend has been unbearable for Lake Elsinore"

Which goes on and says it all. You fucking people are the goddamn worst and this is why we can't have anything nice and we should all deserve the ill timed fate that we will probably die of our own stupid undoing because let's just say it again, we can't even be trusted to conduct ourselves with some sort of small common sense when visiting a bunch of plants.

No! You fuckers have to basically trample it all when taking that picture of you hanging out in a field because clearly that is how carefree and happy you are and what you normally do when you're sadly depressingly scrolling through Instagram trying to figure out how you can be as happy and infulencing as the person you are liking the photo of. Ironically, their smile is a fake as well and they are trying to figure out how to be as happy as the next person they scroll up their feed.

It's all a vicious cycle when you think about it but hey, why don't you NOT trample the potential of circle of life vegetation that can plant many more fields of pretty poppy's if you hadn't just stepped all over those potential pollination flowers.

Way to go. Please go away now.

“We will evaluate all options next week, including ways to shut this down,” Lake Elsinore said on its Facebook page. “Thank you for your understanding. We know it has been miserable and has caused unnecessary hardships for our entire community.”

You people make me fucking sick. 

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