Monday, March 11, 2019



Everything bad, at least. I mean, if anti-vaxxers and flat earthers are a clear example, we need to have some sort of level of test to see who the fuck can be on the internet. Because of those two groups of morons, there is a rise in people believing that the goddamn earth is flat as well as vaccines will give you some illness and thus, the rise of shit that was tackled many years ago.

Rather sad when you think about how much power this series of tubes can bring, and then to realize how wasteful it is being abused by with all the morons just saturating the good out of it with their own stupidity in terms of content.

Youtube, I'm looking at you. Stop being... well, you. Just stop it. Facebook is also now going to be a bit more insulator in terms of content, which is probably a terrible prediction of what sort of bubbles will form and what echo chambers will be coming out of it. I swear, you can't have a good debate with anyone any more because we all just like to enclose ourselves with like minded thoughts and while that may push further your own sort of understanding of things, it also means you're completely not willing to even entertain the thoughts of others that may not agree with your particular stance. So that's pretty fucked up in general.

In short, I blame FB for whatever the society has become and I'm sure that it'll only just get worse and worse as time goes along... whatever time that is left, that is. 

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