Wednesday, March 13, 2019



Despite what you may think, those who listen to Death Metal are not more likely to be violent people. Not at all. In fact, a new study shows that for them, it brings out some joy and happiness and because of that, they are not desensitized to violence as your asshole mind probably assumed they were.

Go ahead, admit it. You thought that long haired, all black wearing, chained up and spiked collar fella was going to be some violent sex predator and murder your face for looking like a plain ol' vanilla self that you are. But no. They aren't any less prone to violence than the next person and in fact they are probably happier and more soft than you can probably think.

Violent video games on the other than, those will desensitize your ass to violence and calling someone's mom a bitch more than anything else. You see, there's a difference between hearing that very loud ear piercing noise and banging your head than actually sitting behind a monitor and owning newbs on the internet.

Really makes you think, don't it? About the perceived notions we have for one another just because of little shit like this or that. Honestly, I know a lot of metal heads and they're often the most gentle of giants who love kitties and other bullshit of the such. I also know thin ass white boy gamers who probably should be on FBI watch list cause they're bound to shoot up some mother fucking office space.

Just goes to show you that perhaps... you should carve a pentagram into your arm and listen to some mother fuckin' DEATH METAL!!!!!1

Or.. you know, just enjoy classic music like most serial killers do.

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