Sunday, March 31, 2019



As of May 1st, your dumb ass can't smoke in any of the Disney Parks anymore. So yeah, we get it bro, you vape. We know it because of the amount of car wars scented smelling smoke that comes out of your face hole every now and then in the most smug way ever ten minutes. But we also just assume that you can live your life without that hit from the pipe. I mean, otherwise you're just as addicted to the e-cig alternative as you would have on the cancer sticks.

Anyhow, the whole concept of smoking at Disney is a bit moronic. I guess I'm saying this as a non-smoker. I would ride on Big Thunder and, well, that shit has gotten bad lately because of that smoking area that is in the back area. On some of the rides there has been times when I would just get taken through a big puff of god awful smoke that would make me feel like I just took a couple of hits from someone's vape machine or cigars.

Add to that, once Star Wars land opens, that whole area will be a bottle neck area to get into the whole Star Wars area anyway. So if they were to keep that area being a smoking area, that would be some pretty shitty thing to do for all those who were walking into the land of Star Wars' Galaxy Edge.... end... I honestly don't know the name truthfully as I assume no one knows it, but they all know it as the Star Wars area that will be a complete cluster fuck for the first two months.

But yeah, On may 1st, all of the parks, including the magic kingdom, epcot, animal kingdom, DCA, Hollywood Studios and the water parks will be completely smoke free and I couldn't be any happier about that fact. Am I being mean towards smokers? Look, that's your problem. I am a crushing alcoholic and at least I have a few options, but for the longest time I wouldn't be able to drink in the Disney parks, at least not all of them and I survived. You will find ways to survive as well.

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