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Last week it was announced that Disney reinstated James Gunn as the writer and director of Guardians of the Galaxy. He originally got fired because some right wing assholes pointed out some deep dives of his tweeter and found some rape joke from ten years ago. After the firing and post many occasions to discuss the situation with Gunn, and how he handled the apology of the situation, Alan Horn, Disney Studios chairman, decided to reverse course and own up to jumping to quickly on this one.

It's nice to see someone admit that they were wrong instead of doubling and tripling down on it as it all too common in this day and age. Though, it would be pretty tragic or awkward if we found out that he's some huge pedophile after he died. I mean, that would make us all who fought for him to get re-instated, because let's be frank, Guardians of the Galaxy only worked because he was a part of it guiding it to what it became and where it would be going. Without him... well, what's even the fucking point of a GotG without him, I ask?
Not even with Taika Waititi taking over would it have the same feeling. It just was a bad thing that I could not even think of anyone else who would bring the same level of enjoyment as a director to that franchise than James Gunn. 
Now you have folks like James Woods, who the fuck gives a shit about what he has to say anyway. He's James Woods. Anyhow, you have him mouthing off about how Disney isn't calling back Roseanne to come back as if it was even closely similar of a situation. You know, James Gunn saying something 10+ years ago vs. a woman who double down on racial comments that no one should have had to listen to. As if this was some sort of battle field. 

Cause you know, much like Facebook, twitter and apple. Disney is straight up not a capitalist corporation looking for the right amount of money coming in vs. money going out. Clearly it's a Democratic Socialist organization fighting for equality and is at the forefront of wokeness. How can all you sheeple not see this!?! 

Okay, if you didn't pick up on sarcasm on that, you're clearly a Russian bot. You should check your wokeness levels. 

That's what bothered me the most about this whole situation. You don't think that in the course of a guy's 20-30 year career making films, mostly as a Troma guy, a company that has the most balls to the walls out there in terms of what is appropriate and what probably wouldn't get a laugh from the normal general public, but you don't think that in that time frame that he would grow and change and stop making as many intentionally inflammatory jokes as he did when he was young? That he can somehow be a completely different person now through the course of life lessons, experiences and understanding of what probably isn't going to be a huge troll of a comment? 

On top of that, you hired him knowing full well of his history in film making, most of which would never even fly in the world of Touchstone or Miramax, but you put him on the lead of a major Marvel movie, not only does he bring you lightning in a bottle once, but twice and majorly impacts the cinematic universe you hired him for. But then you fault him for shit you full on well know and had scrubbers searching for in the PR world for years now?

That's what gets me. There was nothing absurd about Gunn's situation until the part where some weird twitter nazi managed to trick some corporate dunces with out of context tweets from yesteryear and then have them eat their own.

 I'm sure if it was to be upheld, Disney would just go on and avoid this situation in the future by never hiring a capable writer-director to oversee a franchise ever again, because clearly they fucked up or something, right?

While I have you on the topic of the marvel movies. I will continue to insist that the marvel movies aren't all the same and that gripe is fucking silly as all hell. They're all a continuous interconnected story.  Each movie is like another issue in a stack of comic books, which crazy enough is what they're suppose to feel like. You wouldn't look at a stack of comic books and say "ugh, those are all the fucking same" would you? Did anyone ever blast whoever wrote the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew of Agatha Christie for making a bunch of shit that's all the same?

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