Sunday, March 10, 2019



Look, I get it. You think that I should be able to find a well paying career with ease because your asses had that ability no more than 30 years ago. But guess what, the times have fucking changed.

Just a heads up, Since 1978, the cost of College tuition increased by 1,120%.  Medical care has increased by at least 601% Food has been bumped up by 244% and shelter, the fact of paying rent for some place that isn't you basement, went up by 360%.

Meanwhile, the pay of the typical workers rose by just 10%   Minimum wage workers fell by 5.5% and if that's something to gawk at, just remember that the average CEO's pay increased by 937%

What I'm trying to tell you with these statistically factual numbers is that times have fucking changed and perhaps you should change the way you view this whole goddamn thing we call a life because the average college graduate can't make a living, especially because it's a pain in the ass to just get a decent paying job that will barely tread water with your student loans, let alone the crushing fact that the cost of living in an apartment that doesn't have 10 people living in the same space is just a pipe dream due to the raised rents.

And while you think this is just some whining Gen X'er bitching about the reality of the day, it's not. I'm not a Gen X'er, nor am I a Millennial. Because man, if I was I would just swallow a bullet because they are beyond fucked. I have a little bit of a nice situation going on, but I feel like I should write as the voice the majority who constantly gets shit on with the mentality that life is the same as it was 30 years ago when boomer's would just walk into a job and get a 40 year career out of it with retirement benefits - and, oh yeah, a fucking safety net that is social security. That's something the previous generation is probably not going to see a dime of and my generation would be fucking crazy thinking we'd get anything out of it.

It's fucked, but perhaps you folks should just change your mindset on this whole cost of living and even surviving. 

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