Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never Forgetting

Never Forgetting

So 7 years ago our nation suffered a great tragedy. MSNBC, a channel slightly above C-Span2 in terms of ratings has decided to air the complete September 11th coverage their network did from start to end complete with voiceover, as if it's live. What the fuck!

All that's missing is some VH1 popup video-esque chyrons telling us behind-the-scenes information. Maybe we could get a director's commentary for this special 7th Anniversary Collector's Edition. We have 16:9 tvs now, why not show it to us in full HD glory.

I'm not saying let's forget about it. But is MSNBC that lazy that they only want to go to the tape vault, snap up the tape from the day, pop it into the player and call it a day? How about some original content and commentary on the event?

Speaking of being lazy. In the last 7 years time, how sad is it that we haven't rebuilt the building. Compare it to Dubai, where in the same time span that it took us to stop fighting over a design and building a foundation, they have built the world's tallest building.

It makes you wonder if in 50 or 75 years September 11th will be nothing more than a Holiday that we use as an excuse to extend Summer another week and have a three day weekend out of. You'll see stores using it as a marketing tool for sales to get cheap back to school stuff.
"Happy 9/11"
They would say as they pass one another with their purchases going to their friends for some keystone lights and some BBQ.

In any event, it's 7 years later. If it hasn't been ok to joke about by now, then I have to ask if you pussies are still crying about it.

So who's ready for cake?

Oh No! A second plane just hit the cake!

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