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By: Levi Johnston

LEvi Johnston in full effect son RECOGNIZE

What in THE FUCK is going on around here????? Between the time I written my last BS and this time today some pole smokers hacked into Mrs. Palins email accounts. These are top security password encrypted files and some terrorists from some obanama group called anymous used cracking tools and web HTTPs or whatever to open up Mrs. Palins email.

Luckly they just hijacked her family email shit and not her work email shit with all them emails about the money she embestled from the state oil fund. Or the super secret email she got so I could send her pictures of my dick. lmao ha ha only halfway kidding though bros. Mrs. Palin fucking texts me all the time about shit like mondayn shit like what she wearing on them fine ass titties or how me and bristols little retard baby torque is doing.

Damn tard baby. I should not have huffed paint before banging away

Anyway is disturbing Mrs plains not even the Veep yet and already people working for Obanama are hijacking into her computer and changing around her emails or whatever. This guy is a total dick. I seen him on TV and thought he was okay (for a faggot) but it turns out he is an even bigger faggot than anyone could have ever possibly even imagined.

Today I am laying the Levi Johnston smack down on this dude. If the secret security and that old monster dude cant stick up for Mrs. Palin than I guess I have to! As the big lebowski always says, "this aggression will not stand!" I have fucked up dudes bare knuckle for doing way less than what Obamna did with the computers and all the BS TV ads he awlays has on.

So lets see how it TASTES Obamna!!!

reverend right was basically a crazy dude while obama sat in his church

OWNING OBAMNAS ASS 1 Reverend Right: Did you see that dude? Remember how he was all over shawn hannity's show? Obamna had him as a pastor for like 20 years and that dude was off the HOOK!

He wore a totally messed up shirt and he said all kinds of crazy shit like "president bush" and then he makes a chicken sound and then he says "is coming home to roost god damn it" FUUCK I can't remember exactly, but you get the picture. Fucking hates america totally like Faircon.

Check him, then he had that day where he totally went ape crazy and was clapping and dancing around. It was pretty scary to most people but not me because I have ZERO fear. Not of nothing.

OBAMNA OWNAGE 2 what the fucks a choom?? Yo, CNN or some shit turned up obamnas yearbook so check this shit out:

He claims hes in something called "choom gang" I don't know what the fuck that is but it sounds fucked up. Shawn and Big C got into some gang called the iron crosses or something and they road around on ATVs all over but they drank too many redbulls with oxy and big c tried to do a stunt jump off a bad ramp and drove into a frozen lake.

Luckly big c was okay but they had to winch his four wheeler out and he fucked up his leg and had to miss meg kozlowskis party where i got hella baked and got a handburger helper from that foreign exchange girl with the big nose. So in summerty, choom ain't in no dictionary so I don't know why all these hollywood elite call obamna such a smart and tough dude. He's not so tough.

compositionly you might think this picture was about the fatass mexican dude but its about obamna being a douche pipe fyi

NUMBER THREE: Doesn't put his hand over his heart during the start of a football game.

Got this one in an email from my dad. Hes on the anchorage rednecks mailing list and tehy got all kinds of good shit about obamna. The liberal media should talk to them.

So obama was at this football game with hillary clinton and that fat ass Mexican dude who always seems stoned and the national anthem started playing and barrack just stood there holding his dick like it was a jo party. Sorry that was meg kozlowskis party like i said earlier RETARDS!!! Ha haha, just a joke that was no jo party she was doing it not me.

scarlet is on my list. you see when me and bristol agreed to get married we each made a list of like 1570 celebrities we were allowed to cheat with. Ya'll would be surprised what qualifies as a celebrity.

PUNKING OBANAMA 4 fucking scarlet johnston emailing obamna WTF: America is sick and FUCKIMG tired of hollywood liberals sipping latays and trying to sound smart when really theyr all dumb as hell. Who cares barbara strisand? Oh shit is that fucking alec baldwin? Let me get my pencil I got to write this shit down and put it in an encyclopedia of smart shit or some shit!! LOL!

The worst is scarlet johnston who I saw on TV alan combs said was sending emails to barack obamna. Okay. I'll be the first to admit that I would eat a hot dook burger from scarlet johnstons butthole. She is fine as fuck and, oh shit, you know I just rememberd I saw her in that movie. Fuck. What was it? I saw a thing about it on axis hollywood. It was like Carol Mandy Barcelona Pamplona or some shit.

I saw they said "coming up next a sneak peek at the steamy scene between scarlet johnston and" then the other chick was that one Mexican girl from bandidas. The skinny one not the one with the tits that was in wild wild west. I had a hockey scrimmage so I missed that sneak peek but then I told Bodie yo bro you know that hot chick from that weird ass bill murray movie your mom likes? and he was like "yeop" and I was like "axis hollywood totally said her new movie has a scene with her licking that mexican bitches clit like right in the open full frontal shit" so we hauled ass to the theater and checked that shit out. Here's the levi johnston review:

0 out of 6 stars

Gayest fucking bullshit movie ever. Its like ten thousand hours long with talking and then scarlet johnston kisses the mexican girl for five seconds. Its terrible. not even a halfway boner. Found out later it was made by that little tiny jewish guy with the glasses who made bananas which is SWEET AS FUCK so I dont know what went wrong. i think his name is woody. And he sure acted like a pecker head not putting any nasty sex into that film. what kind of film about three ways doesn't show any three ways? Than there was this dude named javier in it. What.The.Fuck. Serious shit now, wood-man. Why you letting them fuckin' wet backs take actors jobs? But not one titty slip from Scarlet. Fucking liberal bitches.

so OF COURSE that bitch supports obamna.

FINaL FACT NUMBER FIVE OF OMBAMNA: Obamnas secret birth certificate. Okay, this is real shit I just uncovered myself. So you may have heard obama wasnt born in america which means he cant be president. Thats number one, but he put out some fake ass birth certificate that aint real saying he WAS born in America and everybody believed it. OPEN YOUr EYES! WAKE UP!

Okay, so thats fine and dandy case closed.......except! Check this shit out:

Notice anything funny? Check up by Barack Osamnas moms name. Notice anything? Ill spell it out. His moms name was STANLEY. You see that shit now? Barack obamnas mom was a DUDE!!!

How is that possibly even legal? Like even a little bit? We might as well elect a moose or a frigging otter president. I mean shit, babies from a dude? Elect some bad ass shit like a tiger or one of those giant squids that wash up in Japan. Fucking giant ass squid will fuck some shit up. He would go down to Spain and be all like "yo homeslices, where the fuck your oil?" and theyd be like "the fuck????" and he would just fucking wrap them up in those stringy arms they got and eat their asses completely. Then he would call in the army and they would start drilling that shit like crazy. Drilling it like I drilled bristol last night. Dont even got to worry about no jimmy hats no more because bitch is pregnant as fuck.

After we did it she was like "you think this baby is gonna be a retard too?" and I was like PSSSSSH dont even worry. That first one came out all crazy because it came out sideways. Im not letting that shit happen again. I will get all my niggers in there with pullies and shit and winches and we will haul that fucker out so his head isn't all crazy and she was like "that isn't how it works."


you aint better than me. not in ne way obamn!!

Oh and BONUS BULLSHIT. You all seen how arrogant Obama is? I got this picture of him like "hhmmmmm" like he is the top professor of nerdson university. I would put him into the plexiglass like I was pressing hams on the bus.

He even flipped off Hillary clinton on youtube. I saw that shit, some dude in class showed it to me a while back. It was like "sometimes hillary gets down periodically" or some shit and then he itched his face but with his middle finger.

Is that the sort of dude we want as president? Some email hijacker who will flip off a lady in teh middle of a speech?

Is pretty disgusting. I don't think its what we need at all.

- Levi "HOCKEY" JOhnston

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