Wednesday, April 27, 2011

BP Fucks You Once Again

BP Fucks You Once Again

Hey, April's coming to a close, but I thought it would be nice to tell you that even though you just paid for your taxes not more than a few weeks ago, BP also filed for their taxes.. Only BP Got Thirteen Billion (With A B) Dollars In Tax Breaks For Losses

Under U.S. corporate law, companies can take credits on up to 35 percent of their losses. In this case, that means U.S. taxpayers are indirectly subsidizing at least part of cost for the cleanup and the $20 billion fund BP created to compensate people, fisherman and businesses along the Gulf Coast hurt by the spill.
Yup. BP just did that. So you're pretty much paying for that oil spill that a year ago still has lasting effects on the environment. Maybe it's just that I'm jealous that my respective industry doesn't make the laws.

But this makes you wonder what is BP's limits? I wonder if they would shoot a man in Reno just to watch him die. Though they basically did this with eleven more on an oil rig. Then they dumped a ton of oil into the Gulf Coast poisoning a few hundred to see what would happen.

The answer - They get a 13 billion dollar tax rebate. Shove that in your plugged up oil filled dolphin hole, I say! Cause hey, this is all legal.

Yes, you live in the America that this is all entirely legal, and not only that, you will take it.

Fuck this world.

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