Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Killing Yourself

Killing Yourself

As my birthday draws closer and closer in the days, I often wonder.. why don't I just kill myself. I mean, in this world where I have very little power over anything, I can very well seize the means of my own destruction?

It's a truly socialist thing to do, wouldn't you agree? But I wonder, if you commit suicide, are you winning against capital? On one hand, you can't be sued as a tool of the oppressor anymore. But on the other hand, you are missing out on the ripe opportunity to kill capitalist and revolting against the social norms.

I guess you don't really win against capital unless you take out as many capitalist in the process of your demise. Perhaps something like blowing yourself up at an Goldman Sachs holiday party.

Though the best that I can come up with is to possibly acquire massive levels of debt and take out as many loans as possible against shit that doesn't exist and then at that moment I should jump off a building and land straight on a banker. Now that's the winning strike.

Of course I'll have to make sure that I don't have any living children or relatives who will potentially inherit my debt. Man, there's really no fighting capital, is there? I mean, capital is sure to get you killed in the long run and capital doesn't even give a shit about death.

So this whole notion is just silly and one big trick question. There is no winning against capital and killing myself will do nothing towards the plight of the proletarian.

Welp, might as well just face turning 31.

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