Friday, April 1, 2011

A Foolish April

A Foolish April

I dislike this day. Not because I'm a stick in the mud who doesn't like pranks being pulled on me.. Oh believe me, I'm a-okay with pranks. My complaint comes in the fact that no one is able to pull a good prank these days.

Suggesting that Facebook is going to start charging after May 1st isn't a good prank. At best you'd have me saying "Well then, that's unfortunate". Also, suggesting that you are pregnant to your boyfriend isn't much of a prank. I mean.. not unless you really want to hear him tell you how he wants you to abort it. Then the pranks just come full circle.

Over all the art of the prank has long since died. And really, that's the biggest complaint here - That no one is actually pulling off good pranks anymore. But I can't blame them. How are you suppose to pull a prank on someone today? The day that everyone expects someone to pull a prank on them. That's got to be the worse possible thing possible. This day is just set up for failure.

I'm more than happy to get into a prank war. I will make you cry with the WMD's that I'll bust out. I'm serious, you do not want to cross me when it comes to having pranks pulled. I go full blast. Some of the classics:

- Putting tape on the bottom of a friend's optical mouse. They wont know why the mouse isn't working.

-Make a fake desktop on their computers. Basically hit Print Screen to capture all the normal icons that are up there. Then go into the file and make that image the background/wallpaper. Now take all their shortcut icons and put them in a folder so that the desktop looks like it normally would but clicking on anything doesn't do shit.

Or you could just make it look like their computer is fucked up.

nuff said.

- Tie a rubber band around the sprayer handle on the kitchen sink. When the person turns on the water they'll get blasted.

- Put a thin layer of saran wrap tightly over the toilet bowl. Let the sadness ensue.

- Super glue a couple of quarters to the ground and see who will sit there trying to pull them up.

- You can be one of the millions of people to use Facebook and pretend to Break up/ Get Engaged / Married on April 1st.... Then again, you could be the only person NOT to do this also.

- If you have a friend who wont kill you for it, post their phone number on craigslist casual encounters. At least you'll be helping a friend get laid.

You see. Those there. Those are pranks. Telling me that Facebook is going to charge money or that you're getting a divorce is not an April fools joke. It's nothing but baggage I don't want to deal with.

Another side to April fools is the many many different online fuckery. In fact, today is probably the worst day to be on the internet. You will never find anymore amounts of fake news and otherwise bullshit pranks than you will online. From websites that change their format to simply offering stupid offers.

But there is some of them that are worth noting.

Think Geek always has their annual April Fools Products:
Which always annoy me a little because they're not actually real. Though in the past one or two items got such popular demand that they were made. I'm guessing that the star wars popsicle molds will be made into a real product this year. Otherwise I'm just going to make one myself. The Apple Store Playmobil playset is very well done for a faker product.

Look at Hulu circa 1995-1996:

Adblock's getting a major update.

It looks like Google pulled out a doozy with their Gmail motion. It's a way you can e-mail using a webcam and gestures. Not outdated interfaces like a keyboard and mouse.

Here are some simple, easy to use gestures we'll be able to use any time we're emailing!

I love how "Hello" and "I love you" are disastrously similar to one another.

XKCD has apparently gone 3D.

Wikipedia's main page is appearing a bit less than normal.

Then I give you the latest in great products from Ikea.. The Ikea Hundstol

If you want more online April fooled sites, just take a look at this site as it has a nice list for you to keep track of.

So yeah.. how about putting some effort in to your otherwise lame joke. The internet did, why can't you?

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