Thursday, July 21, 2011

Captain America

Captain America

Yeah, I'm at con right now, bitch. Eat me! While I'm sure the pre-written DC comics rant will suffice for a post, I figure since I saw Captain America today that I would rub it in.

How was it? Completely bad ass, of course. Duh! I mean, come on. Did you expect anything less than that from a Marvel movie? Okay.. whatever. Anyways, Peggy Carter is pretty smokin'.

But as smokin' as she is, these next posters for the flick are just on fire!

And finally we have a Mondo one.. which once it's announced for sale will sell out within a few moments. Because it's a Mondo Poster and that is all.

Though I have to admit it's pretty bad ass.

So yeah. Carry on.

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