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Call me un-American if you will, but the 9/11 anniversaries have always pissed me off. Everyone acts like they care about New York and all this NEVER FORGET bullshit. How can I forget when it's crammed down my throat for weeks leading up to it. Labor Day has lost the title of being the end of summer and is now the day you start to crank out your 9/11 memorial special programing. The question asked most often is - Where were you? - My answer.. Who fucking cares?

Let's be honest there. Hearing about where people were and what they were doing when they first heard the news is exactly as uninteresting as it sounds and yet people still insist on retelling it as if it matters.

They're almost as entertaining as someone's brother's sister's cousin's friend's roommate's niece dying during the attack. That is to say they are boring as all fuck.

Most of the youth probably give as much of a shit of when they were then as they do now. They don't because they were way too young to know what was going on. I've said it before, but it's really tragic that there's people who will be voting in the next election that have grown up with this post-9/11 terrorism rhetoric from the young age of 7.

Since I hate myself, I accidentally left it on CNN yesterday and what to my surprise, it was George W. Bush on there giving a speech. It's almost as if nothing has changed in the past 10 years. Well, let's be honest. Nothing really has.

You know, maybe Bush is the only person I really want to hear from on this question of where he was/what was he doing. Because it's a good fucking question. We talk all this shit about caring about who is awake at 3am with their finger on the button and we had Bush who was on the job when a terrorist attacked our country. What the fuck was he thinking?

Well, according to this, Bush shared his thoughts on what he says was the most profound moment of his life:
•What he remembers most about that day after he learned of the attacks in a Sarasota, Fla., second-grade classroom. "I, of course, remember (White House Chief of Staff Andy Card) whispering in my ear. I remember the faces of the children. … It was a moment of clarity because people were going to watch how I reacted, and I had enough experience with crises to understand that if you're head of an organization, it's important to project calm in the initial stages of a crisis."

•His first thoughts. "The key thing that I tried to do was to say let's gather facts so we know what's happening. The problem that I faced — and the truth of the matter is, many in my administration faced — was during certain moments during the day, there was a fog of war, and the information flow was just really inaccurate. … We needed to take steps to make sure that the attack was a four-plane attack, not a 10-plane attack. We just didn't know. … My mind eventually became focused on finding out who did it and seeking justice, but initially it was respond and prevent."

•Watching on TV as thousands of Americans died. "There were moments when I said I'd like to be alone and just thinking through the ramifications and making sure that my thoughts were clear. I prayed for the victims. I prayed for our country. I would see people jump off buildings, and it just was horrific, but I was also determined to lead the country."
Hey, let's look at him think now...

But really, why do people keep doing it? Is it because they like the sound of their own voice talking, reliving that moment that was so shocking/tragic/heartbreaking that they wear such discomfort like a favorite sweater? Why the hell would people give their anecdotes about an even that precipitated several offensive wars and changed the very tenor of public discourse in America for a decade?

And for those of you who think you're going to just avoid all this 9/11 bullshit by turning on the football game, getting loaded with friends on Bud and eating some chips. Oh man, I feel for you. I can't imagine how bad, nor do I even want to click on to any game as I'm sure there's going to be the worse of the worse in terms of memorials during those football games.

I'm afraid I'm going to break my TV when Obama does his dumb speech and states that terrorist hate us for our freedoms and mentions nothing about our foreign policy of the time or our foreign policy today. At best it'll be filled with talking points.

I also really don't give a shit about New York. In fact, New York needs no more excuses to act like they are the center of the god damn universe. There was two other sites that were the targets and that people died during 9/11. Remember the plane that came down in the field? There was a movie about it. How about the one that hit the pentagon*, I'll just put the Astrix there to appease you tinfoil hat wearing folks.

But has anyone ever thought to question Country Music about 9/11? I mean, let's look at how many popular #1 songs got cranked out post-9/11. No one has ever thought about if they orchestrated the events?

It's like a guy can't even throw a Jenga party on this day. This isn't me being edgy and celebrating it when 3,000 people are killed by Muslim extremist. But please, someone tell me when 9/11 is fucking over already.

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