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Never Forget - The Color Within The Lines

Never Forget - The Color Within The Lines

Oh, did you think 9/11 was all done with and forgotten? Why what ever made you think that you'll ever forget it. And what better way to never forget than by making sure you color every piece of it... How about a 9/11 coloring book?

I'm wondering what the metal looking thing on the cover is. It looks like some sort of depressed globe that sprouted mechanized legs, but perhaps I'm over thinking it and it's just a 9/11 memorial. And is the freedom tower plaza suppose to have the two building-size potholes for remembrance? Or is that suppose to represent the fact that they aren't built yet?

I'm also really confused on why they decided to put all those reviews on the product page. I love this one in particular.
Publisher appears on Dr. Drew's CNN program and verifies the coloring novel does not promote anti-Muslim stereotypes and does not mention the Muslim Faith, even one time.
I guess technically "freedom hating terrorist Islamic Muslim extremists" is mentioning it twice, not one time. Man, I wonder what the author had to say about this project.

First off.. FUCK YOU! You fucking fuck! Teach children about the "FACTS" of 9/11? Sweet jesus. Does this mother fucker actually believe any of that shit or is he just trying to downplay the fact that he's cashing in on the deaths of 300,000

So let's take a look at this piece of shit garbage.

For a coloring book it sure does have a lot of wall of text going on in there. This shit is the worse. Freedom isn't free, of course. You have to go out of your way to steal it from others. As well as destroy their stone age society in order to make sure all your buddies have their government rebuilding contracts renewed to keep the money rolling in.

Then we get into this picture:
Dubbed code name Neptune Spear, the operation lasted 38 minutes, included were 23 Navy SEALs and a dog named "Cairo", no one wanted detainees.
That's a single sentence. I just wonder how much money there is in proofreading this sort of repugnant garbage. I already know the answer though. In a world where it gets published, absolutely none.

Look at him. Pushing his wife away from the bullet. What a hero! What is very confusing is that Bin Laden doesn't look grotesque or anything in this picture. He's actually better looking than he was in real life. That's pretty interesting. Maybe the dude had a crush on him.

The odd thing about this image is that one is suppose to look at it and think "Wow, Osama is using some woman as a human shield, what a jerk!" While nobody bats an eye at a special forces soldier of fortune firing a light machine gun in close quarters at two unarmed people. One of which could easily be taken in to be judged on his order to murder 300,000 people.

Oh yeah, and the special forces dude is apparently wearing a cowboy hat for some reason. What the fuck kind of gun is that anyways? It seems to have one of those huge ammo hoppers still attached. Which I guess seems pretty stupid for close-quarters combat in an unknown interior where civilians may be present. Just saying.

But what do I know? These are the same people who managed to crash a multibillion pound stealth chopper on a mission in a friendly country with no resistance, and still managed to leave massive chunks of it behind for the Chinese to look at. So maybe they're not the sharpest tools in the box. Because, really. Look at that Frankenstein-like gun pieced together from the body of an M14 or 21, the barrel end kind of reminds me of a M16 and the magazine of a M249 wit little assorted bits of stupidity added in.

That's not even getting to the worse aspect of the Osama murder picture. Again, the wall of text:
Children, the truth is, these terrorist acts were done by freedom-hating radical Islamic Muslim extremists. These crazy people hate the American way of life because we are FREE and our society is FREE. We must be prepared to know and understand the truth. America is FREE. Ask your mother and father, your teacher, your preacher what this really means. What does it mean to be FREE? Why are we a FREE people?

We are free to think, free to be honest, free to write, free to execute babies. We are America.

In short - Fuck this book. Fuck everything about it.

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