Thursday, September 8, 2011

Don't Mess With Texas...

Don't Mess With Texas...

Tuning into the Republican presidential debates being held at Reagan Library is pretty much the nightmare of most Americans. Well, most Americans who realize how much of a terrible president Reagan was.

So that's to say, not many people. It isn't very surprising that it was at the house of the gipper's library. This debate was originally suppose to be held on his Birthday but they had to move it because Ron Paul, 2012. was the only declared candidate the media would publicly acknowledge at the time.

So if you noticed that there was a plane in the building, you shouldn't be surprised. Even though it does seem kind of weird to have one this close to 9/11 (Which change EVERYTHING!) What we ended up with was something not many want to publicly acknowledge. That we're already with a two man republican ticket between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.

The result of which will probably be that the one with the best hair will probably win this and go on to face Obama. Who isn't having his luck when it comes to the popularity vote. But hey, maybe the jobs speech he will be laying down later today will help... ha. Just fucking with you.

I really can't back up Perry on this because the man is full of stupidity. And while him being from Texas would typically explain it, I just can't let it go on how anti-environment he is. He keeps on going on about how no science can prove it and that under his care, Texas got better air quality.

He basically goes on and on about how he wants the real science, not the science that capital doesn't approve of. As if we don't need to listen to some scientist somewhere and how Global warming theory is just killing the economy. I'm sure under his plan we'll find a way to rape the everglades responsibly.

All that talk just makes me hope that an ash from the great wildfires in Texas was carried by the wind hundreds of miles west landing right outside that giant ass window in Semi and lights the whole fucking field up, cooking alive all those fuckers in there in their pyre of god, Reagan-vile.

I love how there was actually a question about what would happen if Reagan was there. Looks like someone forgot the spirit of Reagan is eternal. I mean, how else do you explain why the audience of this debate were possessed....

Holy shit. He didn't even get to answer the question before people started applauding for it. It's surreal. "You've killed the most people..." *American audience applauds* Wh-why would they clap all those murders. WHY?! Let's hear it for executions, y'all!

Did that really just happen? Then again, why am I surprised. This is the country that holds tailgate parties for executions and drunk frat boys Woot in front of the white house when Osama's killed as if it will mean anything towards bringing back any sort of freedom we once had pre-9/11

Everyone reading this blog post needs to get the fuck out of this country because we are about to take the worst turn to fascism in the history of America... well, at least since 9/11.

Maybe this should just underscore the importance of voting democratic this election. Well, you should vote that if Obama wasn't on the ticket. I mean, really. Fuck that guy.

So maybe in another 50 years you're going to run across me in a bar in Prague and I'm going to shift in my seat a little as I see you, clearly American and tourist like with the bar code tattooed into your forearm and I'll just chuckle a little at how I got out just in time.

I don't know how else to justify living here when either of these morons are expressing the desire to make sure that there's no tax on capital gains.

Then there's the racist undertones. Okay, strike that. It's hard to call it undertones when they were as clear as the side of a barnyard. But again, it's not a republican presidential debate until you can see that deep down, every single one of these people hates hispanics with every inch of their being.

Just check it, we can't have an intellectual discussion on immigration reform until we have predator drones tracking migrants down and a fence go all around Florida. Just to make sure that none of those dirty wet backs come and steal our lack of jobs.

Really, sometimes I forget how racist the republicans are because everybody is so racist these days. But then I get that reminder of Holy shit, how racist republicans can be. And yesterday it was in the form of the presidential debate.

But hey, being part of the Tea Party is A-okay now. Mr. Romney, are you now or have you ever been a member of the tea party? Really, the only way the debate could have been topped is if Ron Paul mentioned bit coins or Sarah Palin declared her desire to run for office.

Well, at least it was a bit of humor before today's crushing emotional blow that Obama is about to dump down on us with the Jobs speech tonight..

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack H. Obama, facing waning confidence among Americans in his economic stewardship, plans some $300 billion in tax cuts and government spending as part of a job-creating package, U.S. media reported on Tuesday.
God damn this terrible president..
In his speech on Thursday night to a joint session of Congress, Obama will also consider a tax benefit to those businesses that hire the unemployed, with a price tag of around $30 billion. Public works projects will be included, but the AP reports that this will be less than $50 billion of the package.

The last stimulus was half tax cuts and now we're going to get one that's 100% tax cuts. This from a democrat. Maybe it's opposite day and we'll actually get one of these republicans to act like a true democrat.

I can't wait for the President of 2018 to propose a $30 billion tax benefit for business owners to refrain from hunting the unemployed for sport.

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