Thursday, November 8, 2012

DC Comics - Robbing Your Liefelds

DC Comics - Robbing Your Liefelds

Besides having a new world of confusion under the guise of cleaning up continuity, I lean towards the not liking the new 52 camp. And really, why should I? For all their talk about how much easier it is to follow the stories and not having to need anything to get into the new adventures of whatever super hero, you really can't jump into a new book because it really is fucking confusing as to why these heroes who you though you knew are somehow just parallel universe copies of them.

Meaning, they're pretty much the same... but slightly different. It's like going to Disney world after a lifetime of going to Disneyland. Things are pretty much the same... but slightly different. It's like the Nazi's won the war in a sense. After I show you the following image as to why the New 52 pisses me off so, you'd probably wish the Nazi's took over. At least then Rob Liefeld would have been the first against the wall..

Well, at least with Hawkman, there really aren't any places to put so many ridiculous amounts of pouches on him, right? Oh, who am I kidding, it's Liefeld. I can just imagine what he does ask advice about...
"Hey, what's the bottom of a shoe look like?"
"Uh, I dunno, perfectly flat with a mirror-like sheen?"
"Thought so." 
Not to mention that the X-force cover is drawn by Greg Capullo. So it's doubly fucked up that he's ripping of someone elses portrayal of his characters and style. He then used the fake Deadpool like character to cover the other foot so he wouldn't have to draw it. That hoof like kicking foot is just amazing.

It's rather odd to see that Liefeld is using a fake Deadpool like character in DC considering he ripped off the idea and design of Deadpool from Deathstroke, originally a DC character.

But hey, it clearly says "After GC" under Liefeld's signature. So all of this is clearly a homage to Greg's work.. even if it's line by line copying. Who am I to complain about a homage... even though Greg Capullo is paying tribute to Liefeld in that original cover. Soooooooo. it's Greg paying tribute to Liefeld who is paying tribute to Greg who paid tribute to him.

It's an unbreakable circle of bad comic art. 

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