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NorCal / SoCal Rivalry Explained

NorCal / SoCal Rivalry Explained

You may think that this whole So Cal/ Nor Cal rivalry is all about two baseball teams, but you'd be wrong. In fact, this feud goes deeper than that. Much deeper. It's like the Hatfields and the McCoys deep. And yet most people don't even know the roots to it.

Then again, most people these days don't know who the Hatfields and McCoys are. So welp!

In any case, the NorCal vs SoCal thing began back in the early 1900 with a little issue of water.
HETCH-HETCHY FIGHT DUE TO WATER TRUST; ' Tis That Inspires Moves Against San Francisco's Getting a Supply There, a Correspond- ent Says. VITAL TO THE CITY'S HEALTH Town Cannot Obtain an Adequate Supply from Any Other Source -- Little Injury to Scenery Involved.
You see, Northern California wanted to build a dam and canal to supply water for Yosemite National Park. The Bay Area and Central Valley and neither the corrupt Federal Government or the then sparse residents of central and Southern California wanted to help pay for it. So NorCal, mainly San Francisco, built and paid for it themselves. The damn itself was a beauty. Before the Panama Canal, it was considered one of the 7 modern wonders. After it was finished, the dust bowl bible-belt hillbilly scum began migrating to the Central Valley and Southern California and land owners down there began demanding for the lion's share of the water for free.

When NorCal refused, a corrupt Federal Government stepped in and ruled in favor of Central and Southern California. Still to this day, they get their water from Northern California for free.Let's call a spade a spade. As a member of the Southern California moocher society here, I welcome that free water. Without it the central part wouldn't produce as much produce that they do for the U.S, let alone the world. And without Southern California, I wouldn't be typing this

That was just the beginnings of the dislike and disgust between the Northern and Southern parts of this great state. It would later evolve into further political and sports rivalries. But every time one of us here in Central or Southern California takes a drink of water, just know that it's coming from San Francisco.

Which is why we use a brita filter. Fuck you NorCal kooties.

Though, the funniest thing about the NorCal/SoCal rivalry is that no one from the South has heard of it until someone from the North tells them about it. And even then, a typical Southern Californian still wouldn't give a shit.

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scoo said...

What source did you use for the information about the rivalry over water? I'd like to read about it some more.