Thursday, November 1, 2012

My The Force Be All Walt's

My The Force Be All Walt's

So you may have heard of a little news piece this week that trumped all that Hurricane... Tropical Storm Sandy did to fuck over New York. A little store about how Walt Disney's company, who currently just finished buying out the Muppets and Marvel Comics, now paid 4 billion to own Lucasfilm.

Let's put out the flames before they start. Disney is the parent company to many other companies and they generally don't affect those companies to have the squeaky clean image of the mouse. Just look at Dimension, Mirimax, Touchstone, Disney owns them all and they still do what they gotta do to make that dollar dollar, yo. 

Moreover, I can't see Star Wars being dumbed down and made any more kid friendly than it already has been with the prequels. I also can't see it being any more merchandised whore'd out than it already has been under Lucas' control. Both Lucas and Disney have similar marketing strategies and they honestly work. If someone was going to buy it, Disney is the only company that could possibly run it the same way Lucas has and still have deep enough pockets to do so.

This really is one giant non-issue anyway. All it means now is that the mouse gets the money from the royalties of the characters likeness. Disney already promotes the fuck out of Lucasfilm franchises. They have an Indiana Jones ride, Star Tours, a Star Tours kids show in tomorrow land. You can make your own lightsaber and there's an R2D2 mickey mouse hat. All this did was make it official and in a contract.

What was one of the first bits of news to come out of this? You can expect an Episode 7 in 2015. I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of looking forward to Episode 7. It seriously can't be any worse than Episode 2. Cause shit, Attack of the Clones was god awful.

Besides, PIXAR was at one time a division of Lucasfilm. Then they grew up and became their own entity and Disney eventually bought them up. You don't see their quality suffer any, do you? Seems very much like at home to have Lucasfilm under the same banner as them.

Either way, a lot of nerdrage is going around. Funny how none of that existed when Disney put out The Avengers.

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