Monday, November 26, 2012

DC Nation Under Attack

DC Nation Under Attack

Truth be told, I have stopped giving much of a shit about the wonderful world of DC Comics. Which is a drastic change since I have been for the last 20+ years, a comic book fan. It's just that DC Comics has become something I don't recognize anymore. Further more, what I do recognize is all disorganized and scrambled with such bullshit that it's not even worth reading these days. Unless you want a headache from trying to keep up with the sudden changes they decide to pull from one day to the next.

First off, their legacy. Or their love of legacy characters. But their lack of letting the old get old. You see, the most perfect thing for them to just let Bruce Wayne age and basically become his character from Batman Beyond. Especially since they were so dead-set on doing away with Oracle. What would be better than a grumpy old man replacement?

It's really stupid that the concept of legacy is such a big deal in the DCUniverse, but no former sidekick can take on their mentor's mantle without the original inevitably returning a few months/years/decades later, though with the New 52, they've pretty much done away with quite a few legacies reaching their breaking point as they de-aged all the original heroes.. Why? Well who the fuck knows. I guess they did it so they could be young and relatable now. So hey, thinking that they'd ever let the sidekick take over for real is a fever dream at best.

So I guess legacies aren't such a big deal now unless they make money. Without a mainline JSA book, and Barry being alive, legacies don't really matter right now. Bruce will always be in his thirties, and there will be as many Robins as the audience will be willing to support with book sales. Green Lantern will do constant events because that's what made it popular to begin with. And the Phantom Stranger is so odd because they want him to be more than a mysterious guest star in random books more than once a year.

It's just curious to see how many eras of Robin they are willing to have out at the same time before they stop. Five? Maybe six? Just go ahead and never admit your mistake DC, just keep adding another one after another one. No one will tell.

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