Saturday, November 10, 2012

R.I.P. T-Dogg

R.I.P. T-Dogg

RIP T-dogg. He was black, but now he's dead.

This past week on The Walking Dead, we faced a great tragedy. We lost the character T-dogg to a zombie attack. Only to get another black character to join the team on the show later. Yes, that's right. They replaced the token black dude with another token black dude.

I mean, that's what it was. They got rid of a character they had no idea what to do with. Let's hope that T.1-Dogg, or C-dogg will step up and actually be written to some degree. Because all the original T-dogg had was the ability to seemingly rise above his first two seasons of terrible ineptitude. T-Dogg, the only guy with the foresight to put on armor and carry a shield. Yet he takes that shit off to go do some yard work and BAM! This guy had the shittiest luck ever.

It really was a good fake out by the writers to start this dude off strong. Especially considering his actions in the second season - which seem to be only randomly popping up in the background of the farm whenever the black quota needed to be met. Hell, he even  was able to cut an artery in his arm through the shitty luck of scraping it on a car part. Amazing how that healed up so quickly.

But yes, he was the only one who actually thought to clean up the prison guard armor, he took it off going outside. He had that because while the rest of the crew shot thousands of rounds of ammunition at the zombie horde, T-dogg was running around with a pointy stick. One he kept putting into the eye socket of zombies.

Even Daryl had a pointy stick launcher. But T-dogg just had a stick. Nothing fancy. A fucking pointy stick against an entire planet of the undead. In many senses, he was lucky he made it as long as he did, if you want to be honest about the situation.

Just think about that. They gave a child a gun with a silencer before they would even consider giving one to T-dogg. Just think about that for a minute.

I'm also not sure how Carol could be lost. Rick and the group ran out the same door Carol did after seeing T-dogg's dead body and it led to the yard where they saw Herschel and the suicide girl. How did Herschel not see Carol run out?! I just don't understand any of this. 

But yeah. R.I.P. T-Dogg, you were the best that group could have... so sad.

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