Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Steve Rogers - Tony Stark 2012

Steve Rogers - Tony Stark 2012

A while back I saw this shirt on someone at Disney land.

While I chuckled a little at the whole notion of electing comic book characters as presidents and leaders of the free world, I guess the realization of their personalities kicked in and I found myself thinking that there was no worse of a duo to lead this country.

First you have second in command. Tony Stark. Why in the fuck would you want Tony Stark to be vice president?! He made his money off government contracts for weapons. Hell, if you're worried about the 1%, guess what, Tony Stark IS the 1% in every way possible.

Then you have Steve Rogers. A man out of time is your choice for the president?!? What is this country going through that they want that man to lead us? Not to mention that he'd probably lead us into battle with made-up Nazi's.

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