Friday, November 2, 2012

Oh Hey, the Elections are Soon

Oh Hey, the Elections are Soon

Oh hey, it's coming up on November and that means you get to toss out a meaningless vote that won't count for much of anything. But hey, if you're going to vote for any direction, perhaps it'll be a good thing to turn on Fox News and just go the opposite of what they're suggesting.

Why, you ask? Oh, I don't know...

Welp, someday I'm just going to learn to stop asking if Fox screen caps are jokes or not. It's pretty much a given that the following applies.
"Any sufficiently bad fox news story is indistinguishable from satire."
-Arthur C. Boner 
Clearly it's just a case of chronic shortage of head-bearing pikes and guillotines amongst the unemployed! You know, each day it's just a matter of America coming closer and closer to being a bad dramatization of the French revolution.

So hey, even if the vote doesn't count, at least the other shit on the ballot is worthy of your hole puncture.

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