Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Voting - My Favorite Farce

Voting - My Favorite Farce

I guess I'll join in with the amount of yap yap yap that happens today on social media sites and talk about politics. Just face the facts, there's no escaping this onslaught. Just be thankful you haven't been in Ohio for the last month or so. Otherwise what you feel like today would have been your every day.

In any case, can I just say it. Voting is a farce. It just is. But at least it's a fun one because you do get a neat little sticker. So why is it a farce? Well, how about this for a good example;

That sure is some crappy calibration on the touch screen. And the description in the video, the dude who made the video said that they tested the calibration by trying to press Jill Stein to see if it selected Obama, but it didn't.

That's just atrocious. It would literally be easier to just change the recorded vote since most of the machines have no receipt or other separate record of the actual votes anyway. I'm willing to bet that that's a legit malfunction, but there's zero doubt in my mind that there's widespread voting tampering going on when it comes to electronic voting machines. There's so many places where people in partisan position control election boards and have completely unfettered access to voting machines and with most of them, you can just change the software in five minutes. It's also impossible to detect if it has been changed. 

The real kicker is also that it's illegal for anyone but the manufacturer to check the programming because of "commercial confidentially", so we're just going to have to sort of take their word for it that it registers our vote for us in the way we voted. 

Keep also in mind that it wouldn't be particularly difficult to make user-verifiable voting machine software. Just think, diebold makes ATMs that hold tens of thousands of dollars and whose job is to dispense those dollars to anyone who walks up and provides credentials, only after interfacingwith a global network of banks to ensure that there's no way to exploit these machines for gain, and that it's impractical to attempt to break into one to get the cash out......
............ But they make voting machines that have a USB port on the side that will automatically and untraceably load their new software and that the machine themselves keep absolutely no records aside from tallies.

Seriously, what the fuck?! Not a single record besides tallies. It's literally like out of a playbook of What to do if you're going to create a system in which it is incredibly simple to tamper with election results. Most places, up till recent, had a lever machines where you'd flip the switches for whoever you wanted and go K-chunk! to record your vote. Or they had ink dotted scan trons like when you were a kid at school taking a test. Those are fraud proof, so long as both party observers verified zero counts before the polls opened. So clearly, that's why they had to go.

Maybe they had to go because voting machine manufacturers wanted contracts and state governments got a bunch of cash to spend on voting machines after the whole mess in 2000 and therefore received a lot of contributions from particular voting machine manufacturers. 

Even though the candidate that you and I wanted won, it's clearly not a farce, right? I swear it isn't...

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