Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chavez is Dead, Long Live Chavez

Chavez is Dead, Long Live Chavez

While I knew it was coming all the way in January. Enough to put him on my celebrity dead pool list, it has come to pass. Hugo Chavez has died from his battle with cancer.

First off, I want to say FUCK all the white Americans and Venezuelan expats who are celebrating this death. It's just a question on how long until Venezuela turns into an American-backed neoliberal plutocracy. A part of me really won't be stunned at the speed at which it will happen....

FUCK! They waste no time. The body isn't even cold yet and you're already trying to come up with plans on getting your hands into those oil fields. fuck man. Though, my guess is that Halliburton has had something lined up for years now for just this exact moment.

I want to believe that just because one man has died, that the rights of the people will not suffer. That the nationalized companies will continue to run. I want to believe this because, if you recall, it was the people and the army that rescued Chavez from prison when he was almost couped. This despite the ouside help of the state department, the afl-cio, the media and all of the other counter-revolutionary forces both inside and outside the country. It's really an amazing feat that the people continued through all that and I think that they will continue to fight through this as well.

The fact is that international observers have confirmed that every election Chavez has been involved in has been clean. Even Carter has said that Venezuela's election system is one of the best in the world. As for the standard of living, if you want an accurate picture of the changes Chavez has presided over, read this

Further, you must situate Venezuela in a larger context. It went from the one of the most unequeal societies in Latin America to the most equal, in a region that is on aggregate the most unequal in the world.

Look, he wasn't perfect. He had a massive ego and was full of neopotism. But he was the world's champion against the neo-lieberalism of the global north and the imperialism of the United States. And as much as the U.S. harps on unfair or rigged elections, the people went back and re-elected him and loved him. How could they not. He didn't pander to the rich. He took their companies and gave the profits to the people and traded it to Cuba for health aide for the people.

Hasta siempre comandante. Latinoamerica esta de luto! 

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