Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Trolling You From Beyond The Grave

Trolling You From Beyond The Grave

For all of you who thought death could stop the vast amounts of worthless internet posting and white noise you come across from your annoying friends and family daily, guess what, now We've discovered a way to spam you from beyond the grave

Death already has a surprisingly vivid presence online. Social media sites are full of improvised memorials and outpourings of grief for loved ones, along with the unintentional mementos the departed leave behind in comments, photo streams and blog posts.
Now technology is changing death again, with tools that let you get in one last goodbye after your demise, or even more extensive communications from beyond the grave.
People have long left letters for loved ones (and the rare nemesis) with estate lawyers to be delivered after death. But a new crop of startups will handle sending prewritten e-mails and posting to Facebook or Twitter once a person passes. One company is even toying with a service that tweets just like a specific person after they are gone. 
DeadSocial covers all the post-death social media options, scheduling public Facebook posts, tweets and even LinkedIn posts to go out after someone has died. The free service will publish the text, video or audio messages directly from that person's social media accounts, or it can send a series of scheduled messages in the future, say on an anniversary or a loved one's birthday. For now, all DeadSocial messages will be public, but the company plans to add support for private missives in the future.
DeadSocial's founders consulted with end of life specialists while developing their service. They compare the final result to the physical memory boxes sometimes created by terminally ill parents for their children. The boxes are filled with sentimental objects and memorabilia they want to share.

Also, they really went with DeadSocial as a brand name? I mean, that was god awful and probably the worst part of all this. Well, besides the notion of talking to a dead person because they're spamming your twitter account with pointless hashtags.

Even better is that this is a free service. So now you can't wait to see all the emails from your grandma spamming the shit out of your life with ACAI berries and payday loan bullshit. Not to mention the vast amount of sexual health medicine.

Your dick too small for that wooden coffin? Try this new penis pill!

Though, I guess most people don't need grandma dead for that to happen. They get enough spam in their inbox as it is right now.

The scary or at least sad thing is that this happened already to someone I know. Their friend had died and I guess someone got a hold of their password really easily and spammed a ton of advertisements. Then there's always the whole write yourself a letter that just freaks people out. You may as well write yourself a death note, because when you do die, it'll be all ready to go.

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