Saturday, March 9, 2013

Proletariat 101 - Lessons for the Revolution

Proletariat 101 - Lessons for the Revolution

With Occupy Wall Street being the completely ineffective protest that wasn't needed, perhaps it's time to teach you the very basics for when 'da govubment' comes for your freedoms or when you plan another civil disturbance that will land an army of riot geared up cops on your ass as if it was raining.

Lesson 1; How to get out of zip tie cuffs.

But what if they cuff me from behind?! Well do I have the answer for you

But that's not all. I mean, what if there's even more niche ways they have you subbeded.

And here's one method in the event that you have women's hands.

And one more for the road

Or hey, maybe if your Valentine's day spicing up of your relationship may end up in a tragic incident and this advice will come in handy when attempting to escape from a ghetto hanky panky bed foreplay.

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