Friday, March 29, 2013

Social Media Activism

Social Media Activism 

Over the last few days it's been pretty clear that a lot of friends of mine are bleeding together with their updates. Why you gotta be all changing your profile pictures all the time to the same thing? It's worse than when Major League Baseball host Jackie Robinson Day and every player wears 42.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I want to honor the first major league negro by giving him a day, but think about Vin Scully up there in the announcing booth. That would be the one day I fucking call in sick. "42 makes a line drive up second past 42 and 42 can't stop it as it goes into the out field where it's met by 42. Who throws it over to 42 on first. But he's not in time. 42 is safe! There will be an error charged to 42 on that play"

In any case, I'm so very proud of everyone who had the courage to change their facebook profile pictures over the past few days. We won't have true equality until everyone on Earth is willing to risk the loss of a facebook friend. Cause really, that's what gay rights means to me. By all means, go ahead and post a picture of a same sex couple kissing as well. Hopefully one with two very lipstick lesbians kissing. That will surly teach those conservative friends that you don't have to feel awkward about commenting on any of your uploaded pictures.

Together we can treat this cause like that Kony2012 cause and kill it, yo.

Listen. No one cares what your facebook picture is. For a brief time I had mine be Homer choking Bart. I wasn't rallying against child abuse or anything. I just wanted to have the Simpsons related profile picture. 

If I had any energy I would probably argue with you... and I'm for gay marriage. I just feel like changing a profile picture isn't going to do much of anything. Other than confuse your whole friends list on who is saying what based on avatars alone.

Then again, I don't really "do" profile picture activism. And I guess that's the problem in itself.

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